Tuesday, January 01, 2013

just some musings

This is a combination of holiday musings that i have collected over the last week or so, you know the holiday season
should Santa still be fat
you are putting Santa into the same "real life" epidemic of obesity
really Today show
its bad enough i don't want my kid(s) to believe in some man coming down a chimney we don't have, so leaving the door open all for the sack of a "childhood" and esp since i refuse to force him to believe in it despite the protests of his father
and we really don't know when Jesus was born so its just a "traditional" holiday
NOW you want to ask if Santa is obese, WOW 
not feeling you
that's just dumb
you want to know what else is DUMB
the fact that i walked 2 blocks in 30 degree weather to get a waffle and turkey sausage
for freaking $12
oh i also got an orange juice and tea
just dumb
and then as i sit here thinking about all the things that seem "just dumb" to me
i read an excerpt from this book "an invisible thread" and things seem to be deep again
another stream of consciousness
something more to think about
i have said before that i wanted to make an impact on the homeless population here in the nation's capital
then i want to impact youth
all these ideas of what i want to do
like own a successful coordination company
and nothing ever seems to come of it
it makes me sad that kiamsha is no longer going to be the same kiamsha because we simply do not have the time to sustain it
it makes me said that things just don't seem to work out
i have another wedding in april
and i did in fact have a coordinator to help me with our wedding, and she was an awesome planner
but our wedding was just that our wedding i pretty much did that myself
last night was New Year's Eve and i woke up right at 11:59pm!
Said Happy New Year to the hubs gave him a hug and i think a kiss and then
gun shots
gun shots from a far
ok i have heard those before
but last night
the BOOM BOOM BOOM was so loud i could hear it behind our house!
right behind it
i told him i was scared but think he thought i was being dramatic as he was still half sleep
but when it shook him, LITERALLY
it was time to get on the floor turn off all the lights and dail 911
WHAT IS DUMB is it took us like an entire 2 mins to just get through on 911
then the lady was like can you see the person
ummm ma'am
NO because we are NOT looking out the window
while on the phone SHE heard another shot herself
OH wow, yea so how about you send a car out here please
what was nice was that he got on the floor told me to get on the floor and made his way to our son's room got him on the floor and turned off his light
its just been a holiday season that hasn't been as festive, at least not for me
don't get me wrong, its been nice and sweet and special but....
i am tired and have been tired since i have been working every single holiday
i won't do that again next year
thankfully my husband is truly supportive and understanding and our son to young to "get it"
so to say thank you in my own way, last night i cooked my family the southern traditional N.Y. dinner collard greens, black eyed peas, and we will have turkey tenderloin (instead of pork, i don't eat pork or beef, but you ate pork because it can't fly, well neither can a turkey so that's what we are eating) and corn muffins!
all pretty much were scraps back in the day and what our people had to make due with
it means prosperity and a reminder to remain humble
that's what i want for 2013 for everyone around me
and humility
and most of all the ability to SEE and HEAR GOD
that's it of my holiday musings
Happy 2013 year folks!

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