Monday, December 10, 2012

the power in prayer

a lot of times we don't tend to really pray until our backs are against the wall

i am no different

yesterday, while sitting at work and reading "the power of a praying wife" the resounding theme behind praying wasn't praying for your husband to do this or that

but praying that YOU, I, the WIFE began with praying for yourself to change

so many times its
well if he would just listen more
if he would just be more affectionate
if he would focus more
if he would have more initiative around the house
if he did.... you fill in whatever your issue is with your husband

but the reality is, in order for things to change you must first begin with you!

most times when you have issues with your husband you have a spirit of resentment, anger, or whatever your issue is
and when you have those issues is


so how do you unblock change with starting with yourself
a husband may be more inclined to do more, be more affectionate, do more around the house, when you are in fact a little sweeter a little nicer more considerate of his time and space

am i changed over night?
ahhhhh NO


but i DO recognize where things start with me because i can only control myself and i can only PRAY that he turns to the most HIGH for direction and wisdom to deal with me and our family and with understand the man/husband he can be

and once you pray about all of this, the power of peace you feel is completely amazing
i recommend it there is truly power in prayer