Monday, December 24, 2012

everything i needed

this will NOT be another post about love and marriage and motherhood and all things flowers and roses and sunshine and butterflies

because i realize how i am becoming all the women that THIS tumbler page is talking about

and some of the things she says on this page at one point or another i have thought, ok not most things, but still it makes the point

but NOW i am that married woman, with a kid, that thinks everyone wants to hear about it

*side eyeing myself* TWICE

i mean i am SURE people read my blog posts and some folks like it and comment
but i am almost sure other people have come and said, well what in DA HECK happened to her?

if it wasn't no love life
now its been all about the love life
being engaged
getting married
and being sick


*side eye again of EPIC proportions*

i constantly have funny things to discuss but honestly recently it all revolves around my husband, my son, my job and the rest is just plain ignant and it shouldn't be said out loud
because the lawd is still working on me
that's my truth

i sat and just went through literally 11 pages of the above tumbler page and said
OMG that's me
I am that married, mom who seems to ONLY talk about those things

i was going to blog today about losing my former last name and how traumatic that was for me
then i thought well others maybe can't wait to do that, and who really cares but me
then i was going to blog about my son coming home last night after a week
but then that's really not interesting to anyone other than me who missed him like crazy, and wrapped presents like a crazy woman last night so everything would be done for him when he came home


i guess i just need to find a balance of this new life and continuing to find things that truly interest ME and make me move....
what makes me move though?
right now, its in fact my family
but i gotta find myself again
i am T A C D
not just T or a C or a D
i am all 4 names, initials or WHATEVERRRRRRR

other than work
and him
what the HECK am i doing with myself anymore

there's still some Kiamsha stuff
but really i have just been focused on my household

its important
its what moves me
its special

but geesh
what the HECK else do i have going on

in short

i need to get me some business

really i do!


Alisa Renee' said...

they ARE your business now.... just saying

T.a.c.D said...

yes they are my MAIN business and focus but i need to make sure i stil have something for me