Wednesday, November 07, 2012


i aint gon lie
i am glad that election is over
when you work in a place where apart of your job is to watch the news
and ALL you see all day every day is footage about the elections
when it's over you are glad

and now that it's his last 4 years, hopefully the administration will stop walking lightly and make some hard decisions that will benefit the country

one thing i will say is that racism is still alive and if this election didn't show that to you, i don't know what rock you are living under
not just racism

all isms came to the forefront

it is what it is

glad it's over

one of the cute things though was that yesterday was our one month anniversary and we spent our 2 1/2 hours in line waiting to vote, together!  that was cool

my parents always went and voted together, and they always took us with them, it was like this is your right and your duty, my parents grew up during the movement, especially my mom, being from Alabama and my great aunt and uncle were IN the movement, the level of social consciousness was always something they made sure we knew

my parents live IN Alabama and although its a "red" state they still voted! my husband's home state of NJ is normally a red state and it went blue, they thought VA would go red and it went blue, i will say if anything that should show people the importance of voting no matter WHAT history or patterns show
your vote matters

we celebrated our first month anniversary

still married

working to find the time to bond and make it work

definitely enjoying this time

i have been home from work the last two days

this thyroid storm is kicking my behind!

today it's me and the lil guy, i know one thing for sure, it's the hardest thing in the world to know your child is sick and you can't do anything but make them comfortable and give them the meds and hope they feel better and just keep them indoors

it's a lot

but it's well worth it

when you see them happy and healthy

i think i want to change jobs
i like where i am at and what i do
and the security of the job makes it difficult to think about just leaving esp having a family
but i want something more flexible i'd love to be able to work from home

i also need to really think about my event planning business
i did our wedding mainly there is still a lot i can learn and do to make my visions even better
but i want to do something

we all have gifts and i need to tap into mine

we need to really figure out our purposes in live and come up with our visions

we all have a purpose in this life and we need to have the courage to fulfill it!

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