Friday, September 14, 2012


i want to write something profound
something to make me feel right
but right now
i feel like i done fell left
left handed
left minded
leftest thinking
thinking about this new track on my playlist
#amsterdam the day i am deceased and even then i live through these beats...
and i don't even do MMG all like that
it's like those inner city blues with those cashmere thoughts
a total contradiction to itself
that's how i feel a lot of times
i wonder if they going to give Teedra a real single other than singing backup
who knows....
last weekend was epic
yes epic
my shower was epic
my dress was epic
don't believe me

check this out

jaj did her thing right?

it's pretty cool to be surrounded by such awesome people!
you see me and my mommy at the end
and my BMs aren't they all cute?
it's a day i'll always remember!
They truly outdid themselves

it was LOVE

yea i'll end there


blkbutterfly said...

Yes, epic is exactly the word to describe it. :-) So classic, classy, and beautiful!

T.C. said...

why thank you hun!
it was all those things and more! truly enjoyed myself