Saturday, July 24, 2010


man these girls could sang! I wonder what happened to them...they were the first group put out by MJJ Music (that was Michael Jackson's label in the mid 90s)

i remember blasting their first CD in my room...

i miss the girl groups of the 90s....

you had to have talent you had to be able to sing i mean really SING!

what the freak happened to music...what happened to soul, stuff from the heart the ability to harmonize...what happened to hip rhymes, social consciousness over a banging you got beats and NO substance...

i saw this video on VH1Soul the other day and got goose this!

ok i have been up for 2 hour already cooked breakfast, cleaned about to hit the streets...too much to do too little time

oh i bought my 30th birthday gift for myself yesterday, the Motorola DROID...maybe some shoes and a dress next???? hmmmmm

we shall see

have a GREAT weekend people

oh ps why did GOLDEN have an attitude with me yesterday because she had to get a bath, she HATES (and yes that's a strong word but that's how she feels about them) bath time...she gets it once a week and that's when i wash her linens, yes she has linens...anyways...homedoggy, went in the room got on her bed and stayed there the rest of the evening...wouldn't be so strange if she wasn't normally my yes dogs have feelings too...CLASSIC

and just because its a summer day and we could use good grooves



MSJNT said...

The 90's was the best decade for girl groups:SWV,TLC, Zhane,Xscape, EnVogue,Blackgirl, The Girlz, The Good Girls, and Jade. I love me some Brownstone!! Their song "5 miles to Empty" was my jam!! You are right that no one harmonizes anymore. None of the girl groups now (Are there any??) can touch the girl groups of the 90's.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the memories! The r&b from the 80's and early 90's is soooo classic. Everyone could sing and you didn't have to look like a sex kitten to get a deal and be successful. One hit wonders and those with a "marketable" image get all the shine now. **smh** That's why I love my ipod, satellite radio and VH1 Soul.