Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i am


so i have been hiding a little secret from the blog world

side note: i wonder sometimes if there is anyone out there in the blog world anymore...

my blood pressure has been extremely high i keep getting migrains and now i am having shortness of breath sooooooooooo

now i have to go back to the doctor's today to get the results of my blood work and the CT scan that was done on my brain...

CLEARLY i was trying to one avoid going and 2 avoid going today because i would have to take off of work...

but my aunt the MD told me that its best that i go...she wants me on meds but i am hoping i don't have to get on anything...we shall see what happens...

i am only 29!!!!!

Geesh life!

oh but i am in the meantime taking the steps with my healthy eating and exercising and just general life style change

we shall see

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