Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am ready for the new year....


yes in deedy people i am sooooo ready for the new year...

i thought that i was going to have this deep reflective post...

but i don't...

all i know is that i am happy, i am very happy

i just got the news that i qualify for my mortgage loan! What better news to start off the new year with than the fact that by myself i qualify for the loan and the lender that i am working with is on her business she told me she didn't want to lock in my rate today because holidays and the end of the week are the worse times to do so, so we are going to lock it in the beginning of next week...see that's what i am talking about someone who is going to look out for me...that's why i am a TRUE proponent of referrals...she is a friend of one of my colleagues

i just bought a new rug and some throw pillows for my living room and got a lot of stuff hug up so now the house actually looks like a home and not just a place to of all the house doesn't look like my parents house it looks like MY house!

rock on

i am also at peace with being single...i have had two interesting conversations the last two days back to back with wonderful women at my job and both of them said to me that my time is coming because of where i am at in my life and in my spirit that my true time is coming and just keep doing what i am doing and getting myself together

so that's what i am going to be doing

i have a goal of losing 30lbs before my 30th birthday

i really want to focus and do well with my new position and taking that seriously and doing well...

and spiritually making sure that i keep my focus where it needs to be and living my life right

amazingly i have survived all of these different changes some good some bad

my homeboy said to me

"so 2009 was like a Mary J album for you huh...seems like you came out the other end stronger"

and i think i'll end it with that...i think 2010 will be like new Mary

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