Saturday, February 14, 2009

riding IN the clouds indeed ROUGH
i mean literally i was riding through the clouds coming from Dallas, TX and its like have you ever been riding through clouds its the most beautiful and scariest experience all in one...
like you look out the window and its like joke i am riding through the clouds and i am sitting there thinking about the Care Bears, remember the Care Bears they lived in the clouds and when i was a little kids that always seemed to be the coolest thing to do-live in the clouds...basically they would live, love and jump around in the clouds all day long, and that's what i wanted to do is live in the clouds float around and just have fun bounce around you know

but you know again, going literally THROUGH the clouds was rough to get up to the top to see the beauty was rough

when you really think about it that is how life really is...its totally beautiful ONCE you make it through the rough period you can look down and enjoy the view the beauty the peaceful look of it all...and sometimes throughout the journey no matter how beautiful it is there are still some time when the plane would rock side to side and get a little rocky but you were still cool because in the grander scheme of things it was still all good

i definitely was out of it and had to talk to one of my mentors who definitely brought me back down..i then went and did a workshop around engaging families and it was definitely something that i ENJOY doing and to have my co-presenter told me it was really great working with me because i have such a passion for what i i spent my saturday working but i was meeting people and talking to people and doing what i absolutely love...i was on my cloud

so even though i have had a rough week and all that its still ended with a beautiful peaceful view of GODs creation his world, his clouds and with a totally new perspective on what is really important and that's to enjoy life, remain humble and do everything with your best intentions and love


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nice to do stuff u love isnt it

Ms. Confessions said...

u were in DALLAS????

Blu Jewel said...

I love that pic and the supporting post is real talk. Gotta always look and aim high. There is a pretty picture on the other side of the clouds.

Love to live; live to love!

T.C. said...

thanks eveeryone

confessions-yes i was in dallas, ft worth really, i landed friday left saturday it was really quick...i'll be back though...

gotta keep it moving