Tuesday, May 13, 2008

racism is STILL alive...don't believe me...LOOK

I don't have to come up with an explanation, a subject matter or give an in depth analysis of this t-shirt that is being sold in Marietta, Georgia Cobb bar(in depth story linked)...it pretty much speaks to the institutional racism that continues to dominate this country...the slight and *ehhh hmmm* not so slight racism we all see and feel daily...i am mainly to angry to really type anything intellectually sound...so i'll just let you read the article for yourself

if you don't believe me and how racism not only affects African Americans (Blacks) and other minorities not just mentally but physically, check out unnatural causes


Pamalicious said...

We are just beginning to see what is going to happen once he's nominated. Though this is a bright spot - we are going to have some dark dark days.

Folks gonna be coming out the woodwork.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

america is what it is

Ms. Confessions said...

I saw this asshole on the news last week. He claims he wasn't trying to be racist. WTF?

I can't wait until he's crowned President. Eat that Rednecks :) First order of business ship out all dumb and simple idiots (drop them off anywhere far away)