Thursday, May 22, 2008

i will not apologize

GREATEST song lyrically i have heard in a LONG time....

If you don't have that new Roots you are MISSING below is the verse that resignates the most with me...

For the statements I'm about to make I will not apologize
N*ggas talk a lot of sh*t, really need to stop the lies
Jewels rented, cars rented, homie that ain't authentic
Acting tough on TV but to me you seem a little timid
Don't blame the n*gg@, blame America, it's all business
Acting like a monkey is the only way to sell tickets
Sh*t I can dig it, n*ggas gossip silly digits
White kids buy it, it's a riot when we talking about pimping
Or sipping on old English brew or whatever they think we do
Spraying double Uzis cuz you know they think we live in zoos
The problem is with this everyone seems to be real confused
The niggas on the streets to the old people that watch the news
And watch BET and the crazy sh*t they see
They associate with you do the same shit to me
When you look at me you see just a n*gga from the projects
But can't understand this n*gga's mind set but still

yea pretty much says a lot of how i feel and think about the media these days...and for my feelings i will not apologize but there are some other things i will not apologize for...

i will not apologize for being intelliegent, articulate, for knowing right from wrong, from having values and morals...
i will not apologize for having standards for wanting to live a certain way, even in a certain area...within that same token
i will not apologize from where i come or the choices i have made, because i have made them and i am the ONLY person that has to live with them so if i can get up everyday and look in the mirror and be alright with myself then you should be able to
i will not apologize for being "real" which sometimes means i am loud, or that i laugh or that i am not always "lady like" but always a lady
i will not apologize that sometimes i may honestly feel like i have to whoop up on someone or something...not that i would at this age or point in my life but i won't apologize for the feeling of frustration that sometimes comes over me
i will not apologize for wanting to be a wife and a mother and hoping that it happens sooner than later
i will not apologize for being my senstive self for having my moments of weakness or frustration
i will not apologize for loving my people and for wanting to study and learn more about them to make a me what you want but *with my fist in the air*
i will not apologize that i don't fit a fashion models size that my hips continue to grow wider and so do my breasts that i am thick and full with a round face to might not like it but hell i love it...

yea as you can see i will not apologize for being ME, either you love me or live me alone...period that's the end of my song!

just needed to vent...okay have a good weekend, no a GREAT one


Anonymous said...

That's what's up...the words are heavy. I saw them in concert with Erykah about a week ago....

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

have a great weekend and i dont see u no mo woman, what gives - lol

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, and amen. Do your thing!!


Ananda said...

be you.

Blu Jewel said...

I'm so feeling that.

I, too, refuse to apologize for many things that I am, how I feel, or what I think. Why should I apologize for being the beautiful black woman God made me?!


j.a.c. said...

I just can't get with this album. maybe i need to listen to it more.