Friday, June 23, 2006


So the Community Service Coalition of Prince George's County is sponsoring a Parent Solution Summit, tomorrow from 9am to 4pm EST. I have been asked to sit on the final panel for the day as a moderator. The theme of the panel is "Mom...Dad...are you REALLY listening to me." There will be several young adults (teenagers) that will actually be presenting their perspectives to the parents about this subject. It is my job to keep everything flowing, make sure that the youth stay within their time frame, and make the transitions from one panelist to the next.

Now, I have never been a moderator before. Panelist, yes. Presenter, yes. Workshop facilitator, yes. But, never a moderator. For me my biggest challenge will be NOT interrupting or offering my opinion to the audience (being that I work with you, I have a lot of insight to offer to parents, but that will not be my role tomorrow).

I really think that this type of summit is needed for parents to really get a grip on parenting. I tell the youth all the time, there really isn't a "book" on parenting, no child comes with instructions, and every child is different. So a summit that will give parents techniques on how to relate to their children, talk to them, AND listen to them is a wonderful idea. I will let you all know what happens tomorrow.


noname said...

Listening is key but something that is not always the easiest to do. Parents and kids both say the other doesn't listen. We're so busy with so much on our shoulders it's hard but making the time to just sit and talk, and listen, can really make a difference. This summit sounds like a great idea. I hope you'll blog on how it went.

T.C. said...

I will definitely let you all know how it goes...