Thursday, June 22, 2006


So ever since I started my new job.
Well let me back up, I work for a non-profit trade association, as a research analyst. I do research with regard to market/consumer trends and policy for the vision market. YES, there is a lot of money and a lot of issues surrounding eyesight.
So anyways....
My boss told me last week that I am a squinter, I squint when I am looking at the computer screen. Then I began to get headaches, so I thought to myself, OK you know what I might need glasses. Wouldn't be the worse thing in the world to need glasses. In fact when I was little I needed them, and wore them proudly despite the fact that they were a brown plastic frame and I had bifocal lenses and was teased tremendously while in elementary school.
I eventually grew out of them and moved on.
And now in my mid-twenties I need them AGAIN! But this time its not that bad...
I have a slight stigmatism(sp???) and I need to wear them when looking at the computer all day and when I read or study...I can handle that, that's cool.

With all that said, there was one thing that I was truly embarrassed last night while seeing the doctor, and that was the fact that I hadn't gotten my eyes checked in who knows how long...I couldn't even remember, and I had to say that: "I can't remember, probably when I got glasses in the third grade!" and the eyes do need to be checked often. I realized that last night when I was getting all these tests yearly, see clearly

Anywho, I got some pretty cool frames (and the lenses have all this stuff on there that matters, but I couldn't tell you what it is)...I wanted them to be seriously different looking (anyone that knows me knows that I like to be outside of the box) and I must say that I am happy with them.
They look something like this just to give you an idea: Black and Gray but rimless at the bottom...

Ok Ok...from that picture that don't seem to be that different but they are. They look something like that, but not really...LOL
Now all I have to do is wait until next week when they come back in and get to wearing them!

oh, but none of you will ever see me in them, they are just for work and my reading books at home...

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