Thursday, March 21, 2013

new digs...

got me some new digs as you can see
it's spring
even though it's snowing here
but it's officially spring and it was time for a change

i am supposed to take lil d to the circus tonight, but if mommy isn't up to it, it may not happen
just being honest

during the week when i am on this night shift, all i want to do is sleep during the day, and get up spend time with the guys, and come to work

that's it!

nothing extra
so leaving the house to do something a whole 3 hours BEFORE i am to come to work and work all night long, the thought is overwhelming

if we dont' make it, we'll make it next year for sure
he's 3 and is starting to get a memory but he won't be phased especially since i have learned to NOT hype him up about events until we are ON THE WAY
a disappointed child is heartbreaking
so we learned that lesson

have you heard that new Beyonce song?
i do not like it
i do not like it sam i am
i do not like the fact houston screw
i do not like the beat
i do not like her speech
i do not like how she's trying to act
i do not like it matter of fact
i do not like it
i do not like it same i am

and i am over folks going at keisha because she speaks her mind
she said what everyone was thinking about michelle and she is saying what folks is thinking about this new song
but maybe she should text it or iMessage it just to her close gfs so it doesn't come across as hatin

i need to eat more frutis and vegges

OH speaking of food
my hubs made this cornbread that is amazing
it's sooooooooooossssssooooooooooo good
he's made it two days in a row

he actually does more than most husbands i think i need to tell him that
i try to tell him as often as possible
but i think i'll tell him again

you know who rocks my parents

OH our wedding album is done! we went through ummmmmmmmm only 5 versions and two conference calls before it was perfect perfect

that's pretty good for me
i went through ummmmmmm

maybe 6 or 7 versions of flowers before that was correct

oh i have two weddings this year!

i love doing weddings
i love fidning people deals
it's frustrating and fun

i's readtogo


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