Sunday, October 28, 2012

wedding invoice

so still being on our wedding high

a thought just crossed my mind, well it briefly crossed my mind the night of, but it's crossed my mind again

should brides and grooms start invoicing people who don't attend the wedding but RSVP'd to do so?

let's break down a wedding cost shall we, just simply.

Say your wedding is $100 a plate/per person
and you have 10 people who RSVP that don't attend, that is $1000 that you are OUT of that you could've kept in your pocket, and yes in the grand scheme of things you have to know that everyone may not attend and some people have serious emergencies or illnesses or whatever

but i am talking about those people who don't show up because they didn't like their outfit or woke up that morning not in the best of moods so they just don't attend, what about those people?

We had about ummmmmm 12 or so people NOT show up to our wedding that had RSVP'd
We also had 3 people (2 adults and 1 child-it was an ADULT ONLY reception so that's another post for another time) who just showed up! So ok we'll take those because that takes the lose down

but you still have a loss of about $1000

out of the 9 or so left (after the balance of folks left) we know of 2 people that had an emergency, that's it

So that's 7 other folks that could give us our money back, right?

just a question

we won't be sending out invoices to people regarding them not attending the wedding
it can be seen in bad form and you can assume that folks have whatever reason for not attending and the reality is that them not coming or not do we really have a "right" to say "excuse me we didnt' get married at the fire hall, i need my money back" again can be seen in pretty bad form

but it's a thought
and i know based on recent debates, radio shows and other blogs i am not the only bride that's had it

we are fortunate that most people showed and in the larger scale its a small loss
but a loss none the same

what y'all think?


MJ said...

RSVPing and not showing up is not classy. Either way, it seems like flushing money down the toilet though. Lol. The day after the wedding, everyone's stomach gets that feeling and they go to the bathroom... LOL

I know I'm pretty bad about that subject, but its the truth.

T.a.c.D said...

really insane! lol
it is flushing money and either way it's rude and not classy...
money gone

blkbutterfly said...

note to self: if and when I ever get married, have the reception at Golden Corral. LOL!

yes, it is tacky to just not show up for a reception. i was in a wedding where there was an actual guest list for the reception and if people weren't on the list, they got turned away. i guess that's the unfortunate cost of the business of getting married.

I hope you and the family are weathering the storm ok!

T.a.c.D said...

@blk you will NOT have your reception at the Golden correl but a lot of folks do think that you are getting married at a hall or whatever and that's fine, we didn't like read the invitation!

(folks also showed up in jeans! just one guy but still)

and you do have a "list" name cards are there for a reason LOL, but people that want to just show up, just show up, and just like folks that aren't going to show aren't going to show

it's all in bad form but some people just don't know

and we are doing well! thank you for asking