Wednesday, August 22, 2012


wish that's how i truly felt
but annoyed is more like it
i think i need to blog more just to, well say what is going on
i remember when blogging was at it's height between what 2006-2008
we would all communicate and share or not
but you felt a sense of community in blog land
people cared
friendships were built
all cyber but nonetheless built
some friendships didn't grow
some beef actually was established and people called out
but at it's height blogging was everything that was, well what us bloggers started blogging for in the first place

now things have changed and although some blogs stay true to what they started for
others have evolved into something else

and it's the right of the blog and the blog world to change
even my blog has changed and become more about love than trying to find love
or more about nothing since my blogging is so none consistent
everything is just all over the place

and that's how i feel right now
that it's all, all over the place


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