Friday, December 02, 2011


its that time of year again and it seems like the time where things become reflective and you try to gain some sort of perspective

we are talking about the past
looking forward to the future
and sometimes we aren't enjoying the present

sometimes we are enjoying the holidays
sometimes we are avoiding the holidays

but this time of year seems to be pretty simple if you ask me in terms of the repetitive nature that a few of us tend to go through

but here is how its different for me

i honestly feel like telling people about themselves

you know these same people that tend to believe that they have it all together but really don't
you know these people that give it but don't take it-as in advice
you know these people that are BLESSED beyond measure but have NO clue how to just sit back and appreciate what it is that they have be it a new home, a marriage, a new baby on the way...but it doesn't matter because its NEVER good enough
you know these people that have gotten MOST of what they've prayed for but it's not good enough

those people..but then if i decided TO infact call them out on theirs, i'd have to call me out on my then i'd be one of those people right-RIGHT

i think for me, myself, the one thing that i am going to do is just appreciate, for once, where i am, what i have, and WHO i am!

its not about maybes, should've/would've/could've
its not about what i don't have
its not about anything other than...

just sitting back and appreciating the life that i HAVE
perfect it is NOT
perfect i am NOT

but its a blessing
despite it all its a blessing

we go through life so many times looking for the BIG nickel we don't see the Quarter in our hand

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j.a.j. said...

This post says everything i was saying in my comment to you on my post. Wow. Great minds...!