Tuesday, December 27, 2011


...that's the number of days i have until my tentative wedding date!

and do you know these people, how wonderful they are, are driving me NUTS already...

so let me back up first...

as of Sunday, December 25, 2011...I am NOW an engaged woman!

crazy right

when did we start this journey together? June of 2006...this is my 590th blog post and after all the years and my tears...someone finally did it, they asked me to marry him..

funny thing is he was the reason i started the blog...
broken heart after what 5 years together things didn't pan out, but last year, things seemed to turn around...slow and steady, bumpy at times, but we moved along

it was the same but different, we both grew. we are now both grown. we both learned...

he's still the only man, other than my daddy, that truly puts up with me...
not saying that i am all that bad, but i can say that i am perfect within my imperfections and complex to say the least
but he's so calm with me so sure, so everything...

i've always dreamed of the moment and though i won't tell it here
i will say it was quiet, special, and HIM (and lil D, as they asked me to marry them)...the three of us that's it...

totally going against my demands of "I do not want it on Christmas" and totally in line with me
i didn't cry, i sat and i heard every lil word he said...and once i said the words and he hugged me

i knew and i cried!

actually i knew a while ago

when my mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this summer
i was angry
really angry
she's a breast cancer survivor and i just didn't feel like she deserved that yet again

but he was the one to calm me down and to tell me some things about faith
he was clam and reassuring
stern and yet patient

everything i needed and it just clicked that you know what he loves me

so in 258 days i'll be getting married to the only guy that's ever got me, stuck with me, and came back to get me

i was chosen

sounds so ....

but every woman (i'll speak for those i know) wants to be chosen

and i was


Anonymous said...

Well congrats dear!!! I'm happy that you guys have gotten to a place where you are ready to embrace a wedded future together.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Lots of that going around, lol! I'll probably be proposing too before long. Hilarious. After not having read your blog for some years now, I happen to catch your facebook update and you know I HAD to get the scoop! Congrats, Tiff. After having taken some of that blog journey with you, believe that I'm happy for you. As always, Keep Him First, and I'll do the same!


blkbutterfly said...

Awww... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy to read your news. From what I've read, you certainly deserve this.

oh, and please, please change that sentence to: "as of Sunday, December 25, 2011...I am NOW an engaged woman!" I was sooo confused at first.

Again, congratulations!

T.C. said...

Thank you all so very much!
it was a journey but it's taught me SOOOO much
and i fixed the sentenace... :)

GemisMyName said...

CONGRATS Sis!!!!!!!! Love it. Can't wait!

T.C. said...

i can't wait either!