Wednesday, September 14, 2011

rAndom-relief, relate, release

today was my second day back on the metro and it was weird and i say weird because i liked driving into work for various reason, mainly NOT having to deal with others (besides drivers) and being able to relax on my way in and on my way out...

being on the train you have to be present

present in case someone is trying to snatch your stuff

present in case is trying to bomb the train or station

present because someone may need help

just plain ole present and aware of your surroundings and being aware means you have to take notice and when i take notice i take stuff in

like the man that asked to sit next to me today, is he ok, i could tell that he was mentally developmentally challenged and i wanted to know if he got where he needed to go ok

it bothers me to see the homeless folks daily...esp the ones that i know need mental and physical assitance, and it bothers me that i can't help them

i feel like a burden or a relief is an order as well though

you know how you are a part of a "group" but you know you really aren't apart of ever feel like you are apart of the group merely to be the butt of the jokes?

guess what? i made it known how i felt today and that i wouldn't be around to participate in situations especially situations that would require me to spend my time and my money

and i won't and i said it

don't get me wrong i love all the girls, but do i think that they respect me and love me as i do them...nope

you know what it is? people are judgmental and personally i want to only surround myself with people, male or female, who love me and accept me and know that i am a work in progress...

there are people that get me and i am cool with that and i am cool with people NOT getting me or accepting me

what i eat don't make you sh*t so what difference does it really make if you dig me or not

i realize that although i am most, if not everyone's cheerleader, everyone is NOT mine

so i'll focus my attention on those that do

what else....

oh i don't like this house, i realize if there is one regret in life this is it!

it definitely may change my mind if the market turns around or later in life, but at the present time with another issue (cracked chimney) i am OVER it...i think for any woman (or unhandy man) living alone, a condo or townhouse community that would include maintenance in the fees would be a better option

so i definitely feel like the relief i feel like i am relating but i definitely need to release and let myself relax


MJ said...

I definitely feel you on the house thing. It is tough having to deal with random issues... The chimney crack could have something to do with the recent natural disasters... Maybe thats an insurance claim? ;-)

BUT... Condo's are not the business... lol... Trust me... Reasons:
1. the way your condo smells is directly related to what your neighbors are doing(smoking, cooling collards or chiterlings, etc.)
2. Association fees constantly fluctuate, not to mention the 'special assessments' which can easily reach into the thousands.
3. Renters... Older communities are full of them, newer communities are full of them because selling condos became too hard as a result of the 'great recession.' SMH

Keep your head up though... Things always work out for the best! :)

T.C. said...

i feel you
if the cost to fix it is cheaper than the $500 deductible i am going to just pay for it to be fixed....

its always a learning experience buy an older home is going to always have issues

it was built in 1945!

MJ said...

Yeah I feel you on that... Homes built during that time in this area were not built to withstand 6.0 earthquakes.