Tuesday, September 20, 2011


that's the feeling i have for him right now

its new

its fresh

its a feeling that is truly grateful

out of nowhere on Sunday afternoon, i became violently ill...i mean can we say upchuckin to the tenth degree

he was ever so present, getting crackers and ginger ale, getting meds, for the last two days, he's done everything he can...

ironically enough i thought we weren't going to make it

zuri did a wonderful blog today on relationships and communication, and what it all boils down to is the communication between a man and a woman
a man and a woman i might add that were raised in two different states, grew up with two different types of parents and families and that although there are similarities are different just in that...then ADD the whole men are from mars, women are from Venus thing and


you got some issues

but here's what i am learning sometimes we can make those issues MUCH larger than they need to be

and despite the communication issues we have and will continue to face

i finally have someone to take care of me when i am sick

like really, wholehearted, take care of me not complain not fuss about missing part of the game for running to the store, or for me asking 50 million times for a new glass of ginger ale because it went flat...none of that bothered him...he just did it

its a new thing for me and i must admit

i don't just like it, i love it!


j.a.j. said...

Nice! I'm glad you had that. It makes all the difference when someone is there. Glad my post was helpful too.

GemisMyName said...

And you DESERVE that!!!