Thursday, September 22, 2011

mind racing

there is a lot on my mind

the entire situation with the life and death of troy davis has my mind running

let's not mistake it, he was a criminal, however to what extent is the question, this was a death penalty case
and i can't ignore that this was the 4th time he was up for execution, his execution was stayed 3 previous times, the last in 2008, so many questions come to mind:

*why weren't his lawyers able to prove his innocence, discredit the eye witnesses, work with the innocence project earlier? i know why witnesses are just coming forward, statue of limitations has expired for them to perjure themselves
*what was it about the defense that wasn't able to legally tell the system, hold up and wait?
No, i 'll go beyond that,
*why throughout those 3 stays was NOTHING done legally to convince the state that a retrial was needed or at least make the sentence that of life until it was absolutely clear, and if it never became clear, and he was there but didn't do it, whatever, have him serve life?
*was his class/socio economic status the issue, he just couldn't afford good/effective counsel? *again why weren't we made aware earlier, or excuse me, why didn't we (including myself) look earlier for this?
*Could we have found a way to raise funds for effective counsel?

and after the event or during, why was there such an excessive police presence? (i am so glad that the crowd was peaceful and presented no reason for them to act)

it takes me back to my college days, i thought i was going to save the world i mean totally be a lawyer and work in civil rights and take my knowledge and my compassion and change the world

now i sit a desk day in and day out and ummmmmm and i am not doing what i thought i would be doing with my life at this time

don't get my wrong i guess because of my position i am doing something, but i am not doing what i wanted to do all my life but what i need to do as an adult

i know that all of our ideas, values, and reality changes our dreams and sometimes as Gem said yesterday we gotta do what we have to do, we have to work, grow, push and move forward to survive and prosper

we need to teach our young people, and even our peers, the local, state, and federal laws, get people to understand the separation of powers, checks and balances...

we need to reach our young people and help them to understand to NOT become apart or "victim" of the justice system

furthermore, we, our generation needs to finally stand up and make a difference
we should just stop getting involved at the 12th hour, and next week stop talking about
participate in jury duty
read up on those you are voting on


MJ said...

(Jeremiah 10:23) I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.

(Ecclesiastes 8:9) . . .man has dominated man to his injury.

Man was not created to rule himself... We are all imperfect people and when imperfect people are in office crap like this happens...

We have to keep praying for God's Kingdom to rule here on earth as it is in heaven like Jesus taught us... God's Kingdom with Jesus as king is our only hope for true peace and perfect justice.

T.C. said...

while i agree i don't believe in just don't believe in sitting around and watching injustices happen, although none of us will ever become Jesus or even close, we are charged to live our lives Christ like, and stand up for injustics "he who hasn't committed sin, cast the first stone"

so in a sense while we are praying and waiting, we can't just sit by and let injustices happen in this world.

I personally wish more Christians would stand up and do more to be examples and work in the community

that's just my personal opinion

and this situation just reminded me why i have a Poli Sci degree and a MPA i studied a government and politics to make a difference for those who can't do so for themselves

MJ said...

No disrespect to your credentials or your views. I was just offering a biblical perspective.

As JW's we are intent on trying to enrich our communities lives through bible education. There are many examples of reformed criminals, drug addicts, and gamblers who were able to break their bad habits through the congregation. Of course outreach can only go as the audience allows it to.

Jesus was asked several times to become king so that he could fix the issues that the Israelites had at that time. Every time they "sought to make him king" he found a way to escape. It was not God's will for him to become king at that time. God's will for him was to fix the world through his Kingdom. That kingdom is what has helped all those who I mentioned earlier and it will extend to every man woman and child in the near future. Jesus said that Troy Davis, along with all the other innocent ones who are killed ones will be resurrected (Luke 5:28, 29).

God's will for us, through his son Jesus, will be realized. I have firm faith in that.

GemisMyName said...

This is a very sad case and clearly ripe with flaws. In the end the enemy (seemingly) got his way, but we know that this is not the end for all we see now is temporal and all things will become new. Hallelujah, thank God!

With that said I can see both points here. True justice only comes from God, but what we have to realize that (and sad to say) God's will is not being done on this earth as it should because we believers often fail to "humble ourselves and pray" so that God will indeed “heal the land”. This world and its system of justice is dominated by man’s own pride, ideals, and free will; under the influence of the “prince of the powers of the air”…the devil! In my opinion the capital punishment system is an example of the enemy’s objective to “steal, kill, and destroy”. This is against God’s will!!

The bible also declares in James that “faith without works is dead”! So I believe that ACTION, especially for the benefit of those who are helpless is required along WITH prayer. I think this action often (most often) involves practical assistance (legal counsel for those who can’t afford it, food for those who are hungry, and shelter for the homeless) ALONG WITH Bible teaching. I believe Jesus feeding the multitude was an amazing example of this. He met a need (physical) as well as gave them sound gospel, at the same time...I believe it takes both and often meeting the practical needs of the people has greater impact on their lives and is a true reflection of Christ-like compassion.

I believe that above all, we must pray in every situation to ask God for guidance on what to do, for who, and when to do it. This is how we walk in wisdom.

T.C. said...

Thank you Gem, for being able to say what i wasn't able to eloquently state

when i said I wish more Christians would stand up, that has nothing to nock nor judge any Christians it was in fact a general statement...many congregations minister to those in the community (i grew up in and only worship at places that have true outreach programs), however many congregations do NOT reach out to the community or ONLY get involved when there is a benefit, like national exposure

favorite verses is faith without works is’s just like love without action, makes love merely a word...

when i was young, again, all i wanted to make a difference so i studied and took an interest in subjects to help me do so, which was the only reason degrees where mentioned

there will always be a biblical perspective, because as bible students that’s what we are to go to first

but not only am I biblically conscious I am socially conscious (NOT saying anyone else isn’t) so this case sparked something inside of me, that makes me revisit why I have these degrees and what I set out to do as 18 years old entering college…that/this is my personal perspective on my personal journey…it has nothing to do with not knowing HIS plan and the greater things, but understanding how I can personally do something for HIM in a world where Satan rules

I don’t expect everyone to always “get me” and that’s ok because I know my heart because nothing i said has anything to do with anyone other than myself