Friday, August 26, 2011


that's what it boils down to right now
frustration oh and being broke

oh how i wish i could be a professor or a teacher and could make the money that i need to make to survive because although i know that with every job comes some sort of issue or two or three

the ones here are getting under my skin

i was NEVER a "system" or "big machine" girl

but the politics of it all is getting to me and i don't like it

honestly if i could figure out how to pay all my bills OFF and not work I truly would

then to top it off it just always seems like there is an issue at home

i am also frustrated with my living arrangements and want to go, like I honestly just want to go far far away from here

i am over the rat race in DC
hell i am over the race period

i just wanna go do my job and go home
i am over a lot of things a LOT
so i am frustrated and i need to get it together so i can get out of not just one but BOTH of these situations
if you feel like you are getting hit on multiple sides all the times and can't find peace its time for a change


j.a.j. said...

so you're leaving us?!

T.C. said...

Yes as soon as i can get out of here i am OUT