Monday, March 21, 2011

kung fu panda

Inner peace
inner peace
inner peac

remember the master kept asking for inner peace

and then the turtle was trying to tell him whatever is going to be its going to be you have to just accept it and make the most of it and not look at it for what YOU think it is but what it really is

i have finally stopped stressing myself out over something that i personally have NO control

i have finally realized that at this point the ONLY person i can control is me and that its time for me to focus on me and not lose all that i have worked hard to gain

i have also finally realized that people can ONLY be who they are...and a lot of times that comes from how we are raised, where we grow up, our friends, our spirituality...

it can be a number of thinks but the point is, we can only be who we are, period...

and once you see that and you let go of these boxes we put others and ourselves in

you come to peace

i went to a memorial service this weekend and this man, whom i never had the pleasure of meeting, life preached his own service

and it made me think of what i want my dash to represent about me

i don't want to be angry
or mean

and i found myself being that more often than not lately because i was driving myself crazy about things i can't control

its not a question of love
its a question of effort and work, the willingness to put in the work to make a relationship happen and to keep it happy

at this point its not even him its me, i am not ready and i am not ready because i can't see myself committing for various reasons

i can love you all day and you can love me

but if at the end of the day we'll be "roommates" than what is the purpose

so i let go

and i'll let it fall where it falls

and i am finally really ok with it

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j.a.j. said...

what is happening?! you're ok right?