Tuesday, November 23, 2010


why is it soooooo hard for me to find some cute shoes, booties or boots this season!

i had the same issue last season...

just like the season before booties became popular i saw some and went running around looking for some and people thought that i was absolutely crazy...

i want something cute for this comedy show...why because i have been CHALLENGED LOL

so now i am looking for something, plus i haven't had a reason to really get dressed up or anything for anything recently...and i am kinda looking forward to being cute and looking cute...
hey i am still a girl you know...LOL

i already have my workout plan set, some other little things set, including my hair and i will be making my mani/pedi appointment

i just found out we get out 2 hours early tomorrow...wooohoooo...what does that really mean for me? the GYM! for not 1 hour but maybe even 2...why not push myself i have nothing else to do or i could just take Golden for a really good walk and then hit the gym...that sounds like a plan, it will be a switch up in the routine...and gets her a good walk in...i think i shall repeat this for the rest of the week...she'll be happy for sure

that's what i realized, i like going and working out because otherwise i would just be sitting at home doing absolutely NOTHING and while that is one of my favorite past times, especially after weekends like the one i just had with the kiamsha youth...lov them kids but man i can't run off of 2-3 hours of sleep like i used to

side note: i really enjoy how honest the Kiamsha youth are this year...they are dealing with stuff i can't even imagine and it really makes me feel like we really need to start something with Middle school kids, because its like by the time they get to us at 14 so much has already taken place or happened, and it seems to be a lot of it has to do with sexuality...then you think about it and everything is so hyper sexed now...i can see how they would be confused and curious...but curiosity kills the kat...literally these days...i need to think about this...

i am not as cranky this time as i have been before when i start to eat right...maybe because i know that it needs to be done...plus i have figured out that when you spread the little things out and eat more often you aren't as hungry and cranky...and i also think that working out helps me not feel as hungry either

i can't wait to get my hair done on Friday...man oh man...i need it done oh so bad...i can't wait to sit in that chair and get it washed...i love girlie stuff like that...and then i will definitely be getting a mani/pedi this weekend...and maybe a movie...i have yet to see "for colored girls" i hear its a really good cry so i could always use one of those as well...a good cry AND of course i want to see harry potter! so maybe i'll do TWO movies this weekend on top of all the working out and cleaning i'll be doing the house is a mess...and golden needs a bath...so plenty of work and chilling to be done this weekend...i think i shall enjoy it

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blkbutterfly said...

Have you tried Nine West? They've been having some killer sales lately. They had a buy one, get one half off a few weeks ago and I got some cute booties.

I fell off the workout wagon, but I'm getting back on. I'm glad you're finding something that works for you.

I also have yet to see For Colored Girls or Harry Potter. Once school is out next week, I'll probably go see both to celebrate.