Monday, October 04, 2010


"when i stop holding myself to higher standards, is when i've quit and accepted mediocrity. mediocrity that is not defined by comparison but instead by what my soul speaks. too many people have invested and given up so much on my behalf for me to just accept me being other than what i know i can achieve" EJ

my co-worker and i were having a deep convo today via email and he said that...

it struck a cord with me because he is definitely a good dude...he has his ways about him, but don't we all

he is always analysing himself and assessing how he can be better

the thing that he has an issue with is he doesn't give himself time to change or adjust

he doesn't have patience with himself

that led me to think about a lot of things with me and how i think react or handle situations

i know that PATIENCE is definitely key for me and i have to stop and remind myself all the time to be patient but i also have to stop and remind myself to keep pushing through even when things don't always have or don't always seem to fall into place

many times we do that we don't have patience and we just give up
either on love
on ourselves
whatever we just give up or worse yet we settle

but this quote right here is on point...

mediocrity is not an option in any area of life and as long as you are trying and striving we need to take time to give ourselves credit and see the Sunshine through the rain

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Anonymous said...

I so agree. Mediocrity is not an option and patience is required. I have to remind myself of that often. I have a tendency to get disappointed or discouraged easily.

Good post :) I needed that reminder.