Sunday, October 24, 2010

ford music


i made up my own title to my own song because i don't have an aston martin i drive a ford

so i bumps ford music...CLASSIC

i tend to not like ricky rozzay or whatever he calls himself but i DO love that song

i especially love Chrisette's look...she's being so true to herself and she looks flawless

i also gravitate towards Drake's courous because it sounds like ole dude...

Bible study was awesome today, we are studying about what makes a family really work and today's lesson was on the role of a husband his responsibility and friday we will go over the wife's role and her responsibility and i can't wait! you have to be prepared and learn how to grow as a person

so not only will i know what will be needed from his position but I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO AND WHO I NEED TO BE

i think so many times we focus on what the other person needs to be doing or the IBM (ideal black man) list...its just a bunch of crap if its not from a biblical stand point you gotta know the role and be willing to grow together....

"and the two shall become ONE"

that's totally deep and you have to be on the same page in order to do that

anyways i digress in order to get to that point you gotta have your half of the two correct and in order

so i am totally going to just focus on me and not really in terms of trying to be a wife but just trying to be the best i can be

i have evolved so much over the past year or so not just i am at a point in my life where i say what i need to say and i keeps it moving

i don't have to yell or curse or be mean or belittle or even WIN

i just say what i need to say and keep it moving and hope for the best

i think that's what is the best thing for me to do, do what i have to do and hope for the best

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