Thursday, October 15, 2009

the power of prayer

not to often do i take the time to speak on spirituality directly but today i just want to take the time and say that there is

so as you all have seen or not i have been extremely overwhelmed and cranky lately

my heart was heavy and it was becoming hard

not that i wanted it to be that way but that's just what i was feeling

i kept reaching out only to receive nothing in return and it was difficult to me to just deal with all my STUFF

you know we all have it

and as soon as we think we have gotten ride of it here it comes again...more STUFF

so sunday i went to church then had brunch with my cousin

both events hadn't been done in a while so spending one on one time with GOD was a necessary and so was hashing out issues with my couso

anyways after that i went to the book store a new BIBLE i wanted and i wanted a book to help me

so i got the book "the power of the praying woman"

i went home and got to reading

and have since starting reading a chapter a night

NO things aren't perfect actually they are pretty much the same

MY ATTITUDE is totally different

that's what the difference is

when i pray and i focus on what GOD really is doing in my life instead of constantly complaining and focusing on the negatives i am genuinely a MUCH happier person...

Extremely happy dispite the fact that my check engine light came on in my truck i had to get a rental car the repairs are over $500 and my dad is sick...oh and i am catching a cold

I am honestly happy i have no real reason NOT to be

things could always be so much worse than what they are and the things we deal with in life we either deal with them or we don't we let them overwhelm us or we keep pushing forward...and how we push forward is up to us...

"Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out!" John Wooten

so this isn't to say that i won't have moments times or issues every again but now more than ever i realize that i miss the woman i had become and i know that the source of that woman his GOD and my route to him is constant prayer...

with prayer brings peace


MysTery said...

Long time no visit!! You go girl!!!

j.a.c. said...

praying for you!

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