Saturday, October 03, 2009

just hard

i don't know if i am cut out for this
i don't know if i can keep pressing forward
i keep feeling like ii am losing everyone around me that's close to me
not physically
but emotionally
the connections are not there anymore
i know that nothing in life that's worth having is easy but does it have to be this hard
its so just deafening...
i just want to be happy and full
every step i tend to take forward i seem to be taking back like 10
as soon as i feel like things are going to go well the next thing i know i get smacked in the face
do well on my oral imprutu get slammed the next day via the Socratic method in legal class
i have already been crying this morning on and off for the last hour or so...Ive cried so much and been so up and down over the past what 5 months its not even funny
all these changes all these life adjustments its sometimes too overwhelming for words
i just need to pray and pray and pray
man its times like these that i miss my parents the most and i wish that they were here with me
its a beautiful day outside and all i want to do is sit in my room in the dark
i guess its just one of those times in my life but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right
i sure hope so