Monday, August 31, 2009


has been a pure world wind adventure for me some of it good some of it not so good

its been what almost two months since i have blogged...i even started to write two blogs one around moving the other around being gone for a little over a month but neither time did i have the time to finish what was going on...

so 2009 has been a such a journey

let's recap

Feb got a promotion
April turned down the first job offer
May officially started dating again
June wedding #1, my parents LEFT for good and moved to Alabama of all places to retire, then FL for work, turned down the second job offer
July i moved into the house where the dag on contractors were NOT done with it my life was full of running to Lowe's and staying up late while they tried to finish for the rest of the month
almost even had to call the police at the end it was a HUGE drama because they were trying to over charge us and i wasn't having it...long story short the guy didn't know how to deal with females and so any time i said something it was like this HUGE issue and i had an "attitude" which of course caused problems with my brother because he thought i was just being nasty in the end though he finally realized dude wasn't about his work and was a jerk
lesson learned
August my birthday, visited my parents in AL, wedding #2, FINALLY decided i needed to take heed of the opportunity and go for it and start to build my future and on today the last day of the month i resigned from my job so that i can start a new one

and in between all of that i am in a relationship and the happiest i have EVER been in my life with a guy, EVER! like you know you're happy when people say it to you and say "man you sure look happy" or "i can hear it in your voice you are so happy" yea i am happy!

don't' get me wrong this dude got his ways and i got mines neither one of us is perfect but he gets me and he respects my drive and isn't intimidated by me at all...but neither am I. and i think that's the thing that makes it even more special its so we aren't hiding behind the "representative" you know how most of the times when you start out with someone you get their "representative" and then about 3-6 months later its a whole nother person and you're like "ok and WHO are you because this isn't what i signed up for"

at the same time the little things about myself that i know i need to work on i want to work on because i just want to be a better person...

part of me wants to tell you guys all about him but the other part wants to just keep him close to me and near and dear to my heart so for now i'll just let he and I build, i'll say this we're friends first and that's an AWESOME feeling when you can just be around the person and just be you and be around them all day everyday and just hang that's a GREAT feeling. BUT you still date and are enough about that

the next few months are definitely going to be more of the same if not even more intense

i have to attend training for pretty much the rest of the year and i still have to get BACK to Alabama for my madea's surprise 85th birthday, try to get to puerto rico for my cousin's 25th birthday and do the holidays...oh yea and during training you gets NO time off...maybe the weekends but not a guaranteed...but its a GREAT career move for me...

although these changes have been hard to say the least (i was so stressed the past month and a half i didn't know if i was coming or going) they have been good

the changes have stretched me and made me look inside of myself whether i wanted to or not for strength and the courage to let go and grow

in the long run i have grown so much and i have learned so much about life and myself its just like wow! and more is yet to come and i am looking forward to each and every part of the learning process...

so i am back even if for just a little while!

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