Monday, March 23, 2009

still off

yes people i am still off balanced...

i think its because i am being pulled and a million + 1 directions with no real purpose rhyme or reason i don't like my life being so hectic...i don't like feeling like i am not being as productive as i should be

...and it MUST STOP

i gotta find balance and streamline my life or I am going to lose it...working out at the end of the day helps, it helps me release the tension but if i don't focus during the day the stress keeps building up because nothing is getting done as it should

i know i need a break its just a matter of me finding the time to take one and just chill the hell out some where...

i gotta get my barrings like NOW

don't get me wrong in the grander scheme of life and things its good...but me being THIS BUSY is a problem because NOW i don't want to be bothered with people and that's not even me...i need to refocus my energy and learn to say NO

i gotta figure out what i really want to do and then do it...and not just try to be all these things...its not working anymore not when its all hitting at once...meeting late and then the next day i can't even focus at work, my energy is down...i can't do it...i just can't...and i have to set some boundaries for me...and i am going to do that

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