Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Being tagged is kind of cool, i haven't been tagged in a while, so when blu let me know i had something to do i was aiight with it so here we go

Always follow the rules:
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1. i like to people watch, A LOT...okay what it really is, is that i am told that i stare at people. yes i know i know...its not the most polite thing to do in the world, but i do stare. i will see someone and size them up in a matter of seconds...any and everyone, young old, black, white, whatever, male (which has gotten me in some trouble here lately) or female...but i am learning that its okay to people watch but not to stare.

2. i am a particularly complex person. i want to be taken care of but then again i don't...i have a lot of tomboy like qualities and then i have a lot of famine qualities its just really for instance i am extremely clean (famine) but i am extremely junky-like my closet is a mess all the time (tom boy) its just really weird

3. i have a very sensitive nose, i can smell stuff even if you can't, i can...which is weird sometimes because people most of the time have NO idea what i am talking about but i can smell it...and that's the one thing that urks me is unpleasant smelling air...i can't stand it!

4. i am either early or late, very rarely am i right on time...i don't know why but that's just the way that i am...its a habit that i am trying hard to get out of because it doesn't really work for working or when you are in a relationship with someone who is extremely punctual on the nose on time...

5. i can't eat or relax until i come home and iron my clothes for the day...its like i have to get my "to do"items, fix lunch, etc....before i can fully relax after working....

6. i HAVE to sit in the first or last car on a train, because if i sit in the middle i get sick, the middle cars don't ride as smooth (to me) so its either first or last or nothing at all....

bonus (i started with this first and realized it really didn't fit with the tagg, but decided to leave it in anyways...). i am totally willing to accept people for who they are, and i am a very forgiving person. so many people, including friends and family have done me wrong in some shape form or fashion, but i have just come to understand that people are just that people and people mess up make mistakes, can be phony can be fake or really real...once you understand who that person is you just accept it and move on and love them for just that who they are...

i am not taggin anyone because you all NEVER do my tags...

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