Thursday, December 27, 2007

Relax and enjoy

The world will wind you up into a tight little ball if you let it. Don't let it.
Relax and enjoy the ever-changing flow of being alive. There's no point in working yourself into a frenzy about anything.
The more uptight you are, the more mistakes you make. Relax, stop taking everything so seriously, and you'll find that you're vastly more effective.
Put a big, authentic and friendly smile on your face. Put some delightful positive thoughts in your mind.
The worst that could happen will almost certainly not happen. And even if it does, you'll find a way to handle it.
Live with passion and purpose while letting go of the tension and anxiety. Relax and enjoy every moment as it comes, and you'll be giving the world your very best.
-- Ralph Marston

So i think this says it all for 08! don't you a lot of things can be harder than they seem to be, so if we learn to just sit back and enjoy life then we can surely move better...

so how was your holiday? mines was extremely busy and (well i'll wait until the end)

so the weekend, Saturday, Sunday and Monday it was all about me and him shopping, shopping and more shopping...he had at least started i hadn't done anything...the weekend also marked the weekend that we met...we didn't do anything special or big, just hung out and enjoyed each others company...

i can admit at one point it was a bit much and i didn't know if we were going to make it through and then all of a sudden i just just STOPPED! i stopped worrying about it all, and just let things develop and be what they were going to be, because YES i OVER analyze EVERYTHING i mean everything, and it doesn't help that i have friends that do too...its not a bad thing, but it can be cumbersome to not just the other person, but for ME! and wouldn't you know it, that when i pray and let things go things turn around (i mean REALLY when will i ever learn to just let things just be...the more i put MY hands in things the more messed up they get) so i not only had a good time, we actually bonded and talked and had very open and honest much needed conversation and all because HE saw that somethings needed to be said...i didn't prompt it, i didn't ask for it, so i just sat and he admitted to things and it was like wow you get it, you really get

so anywho, moving on...on Christmas day i was with my loving, yet always crazy family! i love my family, we ate breakfast and opened gifts and laughed and was absolutely awesome! i love being around my parents, especially on the dad isn't getting any better health wise so times like these are precious...then i went to see my god-sons...who are too smart for their own good, 2 going on 5 years old, sharp! we had too much fun! then i chilled for a hot second got up headed to my aunt and uncles for dinner...same thing good food lots of was GREAT!

until i got over heated AGAIN, all weekend when we were shopping i would get super hot and overheated, Sunday i almost passed i got overheated AGAIN and they (meaning my aunts) took my blood pressure and it was 147/ i got it together and started driving home and decided that i needed to go to the er...and there it was 159/101...not good...i don't think i got the service i should have gotten although they did an EKG they should have also done a CT Scan (according to my aunt) because i had so much pressure in my head...but by yesterday morning when i got to the doctor's office my pressure was 124/88...still high but what does that conclude to me...

its a wake up call...i keep saying imma stop stressing over things that i have no control over, well i MUST because stress will kill you if you let it...i keep saying i need to exercise, well i must because my health is definitely an issue and its obvious that i can't gain anymore weight, but more so than that i need to make a lifestyle change, i don't drink, i don't smoke...but i need to eat right and exercise and again NOT stress...and i MUST do it...

part of the problem, i must admit has been my and my hair, its been a long HARD road, but i love it being natural, its a LOT healthier this way, but that makes for hard times when trying to work out regularly...but i must begin to do jac said, in her most recent blog, hair just posses so many dilemmas....maybe i'll just have to keep it braided up but i just got it cut into a choppy like bob style and its really cute....but CLEARLY my health is more important than a hair do...Sooooooooo....anywho moving forward

i must say even with the er visit my holiday was GREAT! i really bonded with my family and just enjoyed them and all the love we shared. i also really bonded with him...our first year wasn't like the first year that most people go through it was like a lot of figuring out and growth and seeing if this was really what we "thought" it was...

so now i move forward with my life, with looking at things and putting me and my health FIRST!a lot will remain the same but a LOT will change in 08...i just have to much to live for so its time that i live and let live...


Let life's richness flow
Accomplishment comes when you allow it. Fulfillment comes when you allow it.
Worry, resentment, anger, envy and fear all serve to prevent your best possibilities from being realized. The more you learn to let go of the negative influences, the more easily and naturally will the richness of life flow through you.
How many worthwhile and fulfilling experiences have you missed because you were worried about what others might think? How many precious days have you wasted by being filled with resentment or fear?
You have so many beautiful places to go. There are so many valuable and fulfilling things you can do.
Begin today to more faithfully follow those bright and shining purposes that are deep within you. Let the negative, limiting thoughts and perceptions fall quietly and uneventfully away from you as quickly as they come.
Open your spirit, and allow your most beautiful possibilities to come to life. Remember who you truly are, and let life's richness flow.
-- Ralph Marston


Blu Jewel said...

This was a great and inspiring post. I think it's something in the blogasphere because Mizrepresent, Don, and I have all posted blogs like yours.

You really do need to slow down and stop sweating the small stuff. Hell, stop sweating period. You're one of our future leaders and we can't lose you before you've done what you've been put here to do.

Wishing you endless days of love, peace, and happiness in 08 and beyond. You're on my meet and greet list for 08 seeing as I have a friend in MD and I can meet you and visit her in one weekend.

Stay well and be blessed NOT stressed!


MysTery said...

Good post! Got to get that health together girl!!

Anonymous said...

Get healthy Girl! There's other things you can do too that won't require sweating and it'll help you relax. Try Yoga and maybe get a msssage more frequently. We don't take the time or the money to just pamper ourselves. Just stop and take a moment for Tiff, A day to sleep in, get up and go get pampered, have a glass of wine (which can be healthy for you, depending on which kind), and relax. Damn, that sounds good just thinking about it! It's so hard to do just that with your mini-me, but I plan on it.
Well, whatever you do, I'll be checking on you to make sure you are on track!
Love Ya!

eclectik said...

LOVES me some you!
You're not around enough :p


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