Wednesday, May 28, 2014


this morning we learned the beloved author, poet, activist Dr. Maya Angelou passed away

immediately the interwebs were all a buzz regarding all the wonderful accomplishments she's made in her 86 years of life

one of her last tweets was this:
"Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God."

like WOW
that's majorly profound
the words she used were amazing and they will live forever

just like her quote:
“The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them,”

it's those instances of "mother wisdom" that makes you stop and take pause and reflect on your life
like what is my dash

when i look at my 33 years on this earth thus far what does my dash stand for
if i left this earth TODAY what would my dash say

i realize it doesn't say all that i want it to say
i've done the giving back
i've got degrees
i've gotten married
i've raised (raising but still) a child

ok AND....

where is my overall contribution to the world?
where's my contribution to society?
where are my goals and dreams of having a major impact?

should i be a writer
i know my joy and love is young people
i know i find joy in making people happy
in helping others

the world will forever be impacted by Dr. Angelou, her contributions will live on
my children's children will read her books and poems
her passing has social media refocusing from the KimYe wedding and TI/Tiny foolishness to looking at the historical impact she has had on our society as a whole
not just black america
not just being a woman
but her overall impact

and it just makes me stop and think about what my overall impact can be
we all have a gift
we all have untapped potential
we are all meant to be something great

i want to be something greater than i am
something to reflect on as we think of the life and times of this GREAT woman