Friday, February 01, 2013


so i don't know if anyone else cares
but beyonce sung over her own voice and seems to me that she went ham at the end so who really CARES
wasn't like she was singing over J huds voice or Mary's she sung along with her voice so jump across the river and move on
and i know many others haven't thought about it but another thing about beyonce
that GQ spread she did, and this is my blog and MY opinion, to me isn't much better than those spreads in KING or Maxium
they were bootie shots and that's that
nothing more to them but that
again my opinion and blog and i can say what i want

i keep watching think like a man
i remember when the book came out and i was single and my mother thought something was wrong with me, she was trying not to say that, but that's how she felt
she got me the book
i will saying that he brings up some things that work well for the single woman but then again what can a man whose been divorced what twice tell me
a man who also wore a hair piece until he finally let it go

i have facebooked before about my disdain for trinidad james but that man really makes my skin crawl
he is wearing a leopard blouse and holding a puppy in the middle of the projects! i can't

what is with rap today anyways
it just isn't motivating
nothing is dope
remember a beat would come on and the room would literally stand still
remember that feeling when the songs beat hit the floor and would make it rumble and you knew every single word of the rap song

well very few songs are like that
remember ready to die
man that was a classic
i knew every single song
or water bed hev


marriage is fun
and a lot of work
anyone that says its one without the other is either lying or in denial
you have to give and take
you have to try and try some more to communicate

my son has to have surgery on Tuesday
he has fluid in his ears and has to have tubes put in and have his adenoids scraped down
me being sick is one thing
HIM being sick another
that's a little 3 year old child that is helpless so for him to be put under and there is nothing that we can do for him but just wait
that's a feeling i wish on no one

i am home alone until Monday and it sucks
i am bored out of my mind
and nauseated like crazy and it pretty much sucks majorly!
and i can't be around people except for tomorrow for long periods of time and i have to be so many feet away
which is good since i have to go to work
which i am not looking forward to doing
but such is life

well that's enough randomnessofaminddumpfortonight


MJ said...

RE: Rap... I love Wale's new mix tape, Folarin... It is FIRE!! But he curses a lot so don't read too much into that lol... ttyl!

T.a.c.D said...

oh really
that doesn't really bother me if its in the context i amay listen