Friday, February 24, 2012

redo to renew

i don't know how it got done but it DID

probably because of him, no it was because of HIM
i was at work

two additional people are now living in, no longer my, but our home


its funny and its still something i can't fully comprehend
they have moved away from everything they have ever known to be here with me
i don't think that's something that you could ever wrap your head around to understand

normally its the woman that packs up everything for the family, not the man, but i am the more career established person
i had the house
it just made more sense to be here...

so he came

its still not official they are going back, but the stuff is in the house...

so its now a matter of redoing several of which the basement has already been done...

we are redoing and it makes me feel renewed...

i am sorting through my personal things to make room for their things

one house was full of ONE persons foolishness things i have held on for years have to GO!

there isn't any room for those things
and the thing is those THINGS filled a void and now that the void is filled with love, the things are no longer important because they are just that THINGS

he doesn't do clutter
he doesn't do stuff
he needs streamlined everything

so i have promised to DOWN size by at least 50% and that is EXACTLY what i'll be doing all weekend long

and renewing

my house is now a home!


blkbutterfly said...

:-) Congratulations! Things are slowly, but surely falling into place.

T.C. said...

Yes they really are moving
faster than i thought actually :)
but i welcome it all