Tuesday, January 17, 2012

263 days

that's how long i have before i become a m.r.s.

can you believe it?

i have my venue
i have my dress, my veil, my jewelry, and i know what shoes i want

i know what dresses i want the girls to wear
you name it, its done

that's a good thing

i have yet to really process the meaning of being a wife and a mother

i need time to do that
i need time to purge and make room in my house

i need to do a lot of things not even so much externally but internally
i need to work on my patience
i need to learn to be more positive and enjoy the little things a lot more than i do now

there are a lot of things that need to get down in the next 263 days

but the good thing is i know that i am up for it

i just have to really get out of this selfish state that i currently find myself in
i don't want to do a lot of things i know i wife must do
you know like let stuff go
trust him to make the right decision
things like that

don't get me wrong the man has proved to me that he knows how to make a decision
however, this is the blessing and the curse of getting married in your 30s
you know how to take care of yourself and you know what you want
but those same things can put you in the mindset of I don't need no man

but i do want one and the one i want is HIM

so we'll make it work
and i know it will be OK


GemisMyName said...

let go and LET GOD! I read today that "everything that we need is already in us". That's God grace & love for us. Just ask Him to show you. I bet He will! might not like some of it, but you're built for this! Believe+Receive=BECOME!

Ms.Honey said...

So many people dont take the time to understand what it means to be a wife and that fact that you realize all this ahead of the game is wonderful..I pray I do when the time comes :) I'm soo happy for you hun!!

T.C. said...

@P i am trying to let go but he is definitely working on me to get ME prepared
@D i am truly trying to understand what it will mean and find the balance!