Friday, July 22, 2011

bitter sweet

i am sitting in my parents room as my mom recovers from her surgery (yea that's not what i thought i was coming down here for either...but turns out she needed surgery while I was here) and my dad is resting from his daily treatment

but life is good because i have been able to be with them more than i ever would have had i been at home

to see them both and to see them doing so well is good

my dad is in good spirits and so is my mother

its made the trip here all the more worth while for me

tomorrow i'll depart from Mobile, AL with one more suitecase than i arrived with (I wonder how much Delta is going charge for 4 bags)

i have enjoyed my time here, the time spent with family and the work i was able to be apart of

it's bitter sweet because i enjoy the work, i enjoy being only 3 hours from my parents and the 20 minute commute, free parking and NO homeless people harassing me

furthermore, its cheap here and most of all its been cooler here then in the DMV
its what 105 degrees with the heat index it feels like what 115
here it merely feels like it feels 90 or so degrees

so i can appreciate that

i am ready to get back but not really i am not looking forward to the hour long commute sharing my house and the foolishness that is my office...GREAT people not so much for the work

so i am ready to be bored again and blaza

and i'll miss my parents

but i'll also be happy to see my dog...and my folks


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Anonymous said...

Glad you got to spend that special time with your parents. We're melting here in the DMV. Travel safely!