Friday, October 17, 2014

time sho do fly when you living...

I haven't blogged in FOReva eva

i can recall when blogging was like my mental release, my therapy
i got into blogging during those trying 20s

yes your 20s are fun but goodness gracious was they hard

so many lessons to learn


now i am busy working
being wife
being a mom

heck i hid in the bathroom trying to get some peace
until someone knocks on the door yelling "i gotta go"
so yes those cartoons with little people fingers under the door are in fact REAL

and of course he doesn't do that to daddy just me the mommy because CLEARLY i don't need peace

he's now 5 a little man and in school

i need him to learn how to make a waffle and i'll be good to go

my cousin got married last weekend
it was really nice
saw my family
and had a ball with my cousins

got me and the hubs thinking DC might not be for us FOREVER

never thought i'd ever see the day i'd say, i am ready to move away
heck i only went 45 mins UP the highway to baltimore for collage and still had to commute because "i aint like it up there, its too different"

nope i love the DMV arrrrrrrrreaaaa
SN: we country as hell here and act like we aren't but even my family down SOUTH says i talk funny, i am used to that from my husbands family but geesh

so back to why haven't i been blogging

seriously i don't even read like i used to
bath time
chill time for u and your spouse
wake up and repeat 4 more times

OH we joined a church
SN2: bare with me if i am repeating myself because clearly i haven't read what i have written this year
i LOVE our church and so does my husband
HE actually picked the church and that made me feel great knowing he truly enjoys the word being taught there

oh Kindergarten is hard work for a 5 year old little boy
poor little guy
they working on all kinds of stuff
and he's about even more tired because we are putting him in karate and soccer as well this winter

speaking of that man who thinks he runs me...
i was looking at videos of him when he was 2 and 3
oh my goodness i officially have baby fever
i also held my cousin's son this past weekend and was like i am done
i kept asking my hubs
could he give me one

the look in his face said it all

like yea i'll give you one alright but then you gonna be blown so NO
or in other words you say that now until they up screaming all night

like seriously we don't have diapers or pull ups to deal with anymore
no more diaper bags
no more strollers and all that crap
no more car seat drama
he gets in his booster seat and you put on the seat belt and we OUT

he's so low maintenance now

so i mean i could do it because it would only be ONE that would require all the jazz
plus D is just a cool and sweet child
easy like me
(ha i am not easy, who am i kidding...maybe chill like his daddy)

OH and that boy can TALK
talk talk talk

so life is good
not easy but good
my house is full of laughter and jokes and good times right now

not because of the money or anything but because we actually LIKE one another and enjoy kicking it as a family, as a husband and wife....

in short life is a beautiful struggle
until next time


blkbutterfly said...

This post is everything! It's good to read that you're happy.

I know exactly what you mean about your 20s! I'm barely out, but grateful that those years are over. I do miss blogging regularly, because now most blogging is related to business and generating income. the community is kinda lost.

Chile... I was talking to JE about how the number of years parents have to change diapers is enough to keep me from wanting children. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Kinder is a transitional year, but just think, this year will set him for greater success in the future. So many kids struggle because they lack the foundational skills from the primary grades. So, hang in there!

Newy said...

So glad to catch up with are thinking of moving FROM the DMV and I moved back last year...I am glad to be back. I had a 25+ year hiatus. I haven't lived here since 88.